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 CrazyH Sound & Skin (1.0)

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Kayıt tarihi : 12/12/08

MesajKonu: CrazyH Sound & Skin (1.0)   C.tesi Ara. 13, 2008 1:18 pm

Weapon mod, as well as sound and skin. Mosin and Enfield weapon firing sounds taken from MoH:AA. Kar98, Mosin, and Enfield re-skinned as well as modified to Semi-Auto. 10 round clips also.

All Sniper Rifles are Semi-Auto with 10 round clips.

All new uniforms, except German Winter Green, and German Normandy.
Cookable nades.
Can hold an additional 4 frags, for a total of 8.

Modified Thompson, and MP40 rate of fire to equal that of the PPSH.
Modified Thompson clip to hold 50 rounds.
Thompson now has slightly less recoil.

Readme File:

CrazyHorse65's Sound, Skin, and Weapon Mod


This is my very first attempt at modding or skinning, so please don't be too harsh.

What the mod contains:

New skins for the Kar98, Mosin, and Enfield.

Cookable Nades.

Ability to hold 8 frags rather than just 4.

New camo uniforms for Russians.

New winter camo for Germans.

New darker uniforms for the British African troops.

New camo for British Normandy troops.

New camo uniforms for American troops.

Kar98, Mosin, and Enfield are now Semi-Auto with 10 round clips.

New sound for the Kar98, and Enfield.

Thompson, and MP40 have increased rate of fire-equal to PPSH.

Thompson has 50 round clip.


Simply extract the zzz_CH65.iwd file to your CoD2/Main folder, and enjoy!


Just delete zzz_CH65.iwd from your CoD2/Main folder.


I also modified the "potato" frag so you can start a new game right from basic training.

Obviously this mod was never meant for any sort of realism.I made it just
to learn how, and to give the game a different look and feel.

Any WWII FPS fans will probably recognize the rifle sounds from MoH:AA

This was my first foray into modding and using a wave editor. I made about a zillion mistakes,
lost everything and had to reinstall the game a couple of times as well, due to butchering files, lol.

Hope you enjoy it, I had fun making it.


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CrazyH Sound & Skin (1.0)
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