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 Lethal Arms Realism (Full Mod Version 2)

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Kayıt tarihi : 12/12/08

MesajKonu: Lethal Arms Realism (Full Mod Version 2)   C.tesi Ara. 13, 2008 1:21 pm

Here's the Full Version 2 of NastyJim's Lethal Arms Realism mod for Call of Duty 2, and it's got tons of new features to keep you hooked! Besides the usual increased damage at particular hit-points as realism mods usually have, it's also got some pretty unique things, too, like modifications to the weapon behavior and other advances in gameplay and server customization options. Check out the full list below to see all of what it's got, and put it on your servers now!

- Cooking Nades
- Increased Damage Rates
- Balanced Weapon Damages
- More Realistic Weapon Behaviour
- An Increased Sense of Power When Firing Weapons
- Encourages Tactical Gameplay and Clan Planning
- Emphasis on use of Iron sights
- Reduced Nade Throwing Distances To Simulate Realistic Nades
- Automated Server Messaging
- A Blood Mod
- Reduced Particle Smoke Grenades (less fps lag)
- Optional Old Health Bar System
- Optional Grenade Indicators
- Optional Death Indicators
- Optional Player Hit Indicators
- Optional Minefield Deactivation
- Optional Spawn Protection
- Optional Anti-Camping/AFK features
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Lethal Arms Realism (Full Mod Version 2)
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