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 BJustReal CoD2 Realism (V2.1.2)

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Kayıt tarihi : 12/12/08

MesajKonu: BJustReal CoD2 Realism (V2.1.2)   C.tesi Ara. 13, 2008 1:35 pm

Here's the latest version of Bjusterbaarlik's BJustReal CoD2 Realism, the multi-player realism mod based on realistically portraying the WWII weapons as they were. In this version, the author has addressed lots of different issues -- including compatibility with CoD2 v1.2 -- so any previous user of the mod should be pleased with this. He's gone and added lots of customization options, too, so now you have even more control over what's going on! Just read the list of new features below to get an idea of what this update is all about, and download it now!

"Unknown Soldier" handling

Customizable Spawn Protection time

Compass and ammo (offhand display) fadeable

Third person spectating

Rank-based uniforms

Fully compatible with the 1.2 patch

Readme File:

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. NEW!
3. Features
4. Installation
5. CVARs
6. Contact
7. Credits

1. Introduction

This version is released, because the other versions of BJR were not compatible anymore with the updated Call of Duty 2. There are a few new features, as well as bugfixes.

This new version of BJustReal also contains new rankbased uniforms, which has been developed by C3ll Godfried. He is now an official developer of BJustReal. For those who remember GRUM (Godfried's Rankbased Uniforms Mod) for UO, will know what this is all about. Players do now have three (3) 'ranks' and each time they reach a set score, they will increase a rank. This means that they will get a new uniform and at the highest rank, players will have officer's hats and the like. The points that are needed to gain a rank are customizable by cvars. With this, you will see a more varied army of troops on the battlefield, containing even a few officers.

BJustReal is the perfect mod for any individual and/or clan who likes realism and tactical gameplay. No longer will you be able to run and gun and hit 99% of your bullets, team co-ordination and well aimed shots are the ways to victory. If you think that Call of Duty 2 is too much running and gunning, then this is the mod for you.

This mod is also SERVER-SIDE, which means that clients do not need to download it.

I hope that everyone likes the mod as much as I liked creating it. Any feedback is welcome, look in the "contact" section of this readme to see where you can relieve yourself of your feedback. If you want to see how the mod works, I suggest you stop by in our server: -={AA}=-BJustRealism Public -


2. NEW!

- Unknown Soldier handling.
- Customizable Spawn Protection time.
- Compass and ammo/offhand display fadeable.
- Third Person specating.
- Rankbased Uniforms.
- Fully compatible with the 1.2 patch.

3. Features

Everything described here, except for the Weapon Characteristics, is cvar controlled for maximum customization.

Weapon Characteristics
- Upped damage and melee damage of all weapons.
- Reduced movementspeed for most weapons.
- Snipers can not rechamber while ADS.
- Normal grenades are cookable with a 5 second fuse.
- Bolt action rifles cannot be reloaded when partially empty.
- Longer shellshock times.
- Modified raise and drop times of all weapons.
- Modified the accuracy of all weapons. No more spraying, unless you don't want to hit your enemy.
- Corrected the ROF of the Sten.
- Modified ADS accuracy of some weapons, the SMG's and pistols cannot be used as snipers anymore.
- Grenades are slightly more effective now, you can't stand next to their impact anymore.
- Lowered throw distances of grenades.
- Lowered ROF of the semi-automatic rifles and pistols.
- Damage dropoff for all weapons.

- Message center, can hold up to 10 messages.
- Next map messages
- Welcome messages

- Crosshair can be forced off.
- Crosshair colours can be forced off.
- Crosshair names can be forced off.
- Turret Crosshairs can be forced off seperately.

- HUD can be forced off.
- Damage feedback can be turned off.
- Death Icons can be turned off.
- Grenade indicators can be turned off.
- Healthbar.
- Mantle icons can be turned off.
- Objective indicators can be turned off.
- Compass and ammo/offhand display fadeable.

Damage handling
- Weapon drops when hit in hand.
- Weapon drops when hit in the arms.
- Realistic fall damage.
- Helmet/hat drops.
- View shifts when hit.

Health Regeneration
- Health regeneration can be turned off.
- Realistic health regeneration.

- Realistic pain sounds.
- Realistic death sounds.

- Obituaries can be turned off.
- Teamkill obituaries can be turned on when all other obituaries are off.
- Optional message which tells a player by who he was killed if the obituaries are off.

Spawn Protection
- Spawn protection.
- Customizable spawn protection time.

Client handling
- Reset default values upon disconnecting.
- Unknown Soldier handling.

- Mod logo underneath compass.

- Optional variation of British/American allies on some maps.
- Rankbased uniforms.
- Points needed for gaining a rank is customizable.

S&D Specific
- Attacking and defending teams can be switched.
- Players can be awarded 3 points for staying alive in a round.
- Players can be awarded 5 points for planting/defusing a bomb.
- Randomized plant and defuse time.

Weapon Settings
- Grenade drops on death can be turned off.
- Weapon drops on death can be turned off.
- Customizable clip loadout.
- Allow only a pistol as a secondary weapon.
- Fully customizable weapon limits.
- Fully customizable grenade loadouts.

4. Installation

The mod is SERVER-SIDE, so clients do NOT have to download it.

Before moving on to the installation instructions, I have to state here that the mod is NOT compatible with other realism mods. Also, the mod IS compatible with lots of other mods, like skins, models etc., but this mod is NOT compatible with mods that have the following files in the iwd file:

Any files in the /weapons/mp folder
Any files in the /info folder
Any files in the /maps/mp/ folder
Any files in the /maps/mp/gametypes folder

On to the installation instructions:

- Extract all files to your "Call of Duty 2\main" folder, you actually only need the iwd file.
- Copy all of the CVARs listed below in your config file.

5. CVARs

For every cvar and a short description of their functionality, please refer to the bjrcvars.txt file. These cvars can be copy/pasted into your server's config file.

6. Contact

If there are any questions, issues, bugs to report or whatsoever, you can post on our forums or PM me. Please try that first before e-mailing, there are more people checking the forum than my mailbox, so answers might be provided faster. The BJR forum is located at:

If you are really desperate, you can e-mail me at:
bjusterbaarlik [AT] gmail [DOT] com

7. Credits

BJustReal Realism

Made by:

-={AA}=-Bjusterbaarlik & C3ll Godfried

Thanks to:

Wanna Ganoush
- The realistic health regen system.

- Scripts in the "Next Map messages" feature.
- Parts of spawn protection script.

- Parts of spawn protection script.
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BJustReal CoD2 Realism (V2.1.2)
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