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 Catalyst COD2 Public v1.1a

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MesajKonu: Catalyst COD2 Public v1.1a   C.tesi Ara. 13, 2008 1:47 pm

First put your game in DirectX 7 mode with 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 resolution with normal texture setting then just extract d3d9.dll to your COD2 folder and play.
-Head, Chest, Random aiming
-Custom Vecs
Model Reconditioning
Disable Fog

Insert - Toggles the menu
Arrows - Toggles the hacks
New Web Site
Now that I have some change saved up (and feed up with work) I decided to go in on a web site with a friend.
We just got the site this week so it wont be up for a few more days. Ill be releasing updates (for this hack
and other games too) as well as private hacks and cheat tools with some insane new features Ive been working on.
Be sure to check for updates and tell us if you like or have problems with the hacks / site.
The public hack's aimbot is on a 10 day 'trial' for now...I decided it might be too powerful if many people start using it...
and who knows when Activision gets their act together and puts out an update. Anyways Ill probably have an update with it
working better before your trials up.
Azorbix (Tatnium Starter Kit v3)
Game Deception
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Catalyst COD2 Public v1.1a
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